Militzer & Münch Romania: Upswing and Optimism Despite Uncertain Times

Militzer & Münch Romania: Upswing and Optimism Despite Uncertain Times

Militzer & Münch has been present on the Romanian logistics market for almost 20 years with its own country unit. The focus is on imports and exports within Europe, with customers mainly from the industrial goods and clothing sectors. Despite current uncertainty factors, the subsidiary not only proves to be stable, but it can even report growth.

At the Romanian subsidiary, all signs point to expansion. And this although market conditions are currently rather challenging. The ongoing war in neighboring Ukraine, the energy crisis, and high inflation are creating uncertainty on the market and hardly allow any forecasts.

Teamwork to defy challenges

According to Managing Director Valentin Dragu, the fact that Militzer & Münch Romania is nevertheless so well positioned on the market is mainly due to the high degree of motivation and hard work of his team. “The logistics industry is very dynamic; you have to act flexibly and to be able to react to current market changes. I am very proud to say that we accomplish this even in difficult phases. As a medium-sized transport service provider, we are holding our own very well against the competition, and we are therefore generally optimistic about the future,” he says.

New location, new employees: for the roughly 30 employees of Militzer & Münch Romania, a move was due last fall; the M&M Romania team relocated to new, modern premises in downtown Bucharest. “Our current team members are happy with the new offices and the location’s very good transport connections, but hopefully also new team members in the future will appreciate this, as we are currently looking for reinforcement”, says Valentin Dragu.

Upswing in road and sea transport

So far this year, the current geopolitical and economic situation has had hardly any impact on Militzer & Münch Romania’s activities and results. The country unit recorded a slight decline in project business, though, the volume of road transports, however, increased, and in the sea freight sector, an upswing is noticeable, too.

Nevertheless, Valentin Dragu plans to focus Militzer & Münch Romania on transports that have proven successful for his company: “We expect trade within Europe to intensify next year, which will open up many opportunities for us. Therefore, we are now working on further expanding our transport business and trade relations in this direction – and hopefully soon with the vigorous support of new team members!”

At M&M Serbia: a regional perspective

Dobanovci, Serbia. “Our goal is the region, and with Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro as our first step, we have embarked on our strategic expansion course,” says M&M Serbia’s Executive Director Nikola Vasiljevic. “Plans are to extend our brand to other neighboring countries.”

M&M Bosnia-Herzegovina and M&M Montenegro were both founded in the summer of 2021. “Bosnia Herzegovina is a growing market with significant potential. Montenegro is the smaller market, but not less important to the M&M Serbia network,” says Nikola Vasiljevic, who heads the new country units. At this time, both M&M Bosnia Herzegovina and M&M Montenegro have a staff of three; road transportation is the main business, but warehousing and customs clearance are offered, too.  The first full business year is behind the two companies, and we wanted to know how they developed.

Challenges and lessons

“For both markets, the past two years were quite challenging for and highly unpredictable, but despite the challenges, we were able to adapt and contribute to the growth of the local logistics and transportation markets,” says Nikola Vasiljevic, who heads the two new units. “Our unique and personalized approach to each client has allowed us to assess the market and our capacities accurately, elevating service to a new level and finding the best solution for every inquiry. Most of the clients we work with in Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina are clients with whom we have had long-standing partnerships in Serbia. The focus is on import.”

“Were there any positive or negative surprises in the development of either company,” we ask.

“For a large corporation like ours, surprises, both positive and negative, are an integral part of business. The expertise of our staff is extremely important, as well as their approach to any particular situation. On a daily basis, we face challenges and strive to extract the maximum benefit from them. To us, negative situations are lessons that we can leverage as advantages in the future.”